PROGRAM: Overview

The Florence Art Studio is a private working studio offering a program of academic training which is unique in that it is divided into discrete and sequentially progressive intensive modules that can last anywhere from one week to a month or longer.

This intensive program provides students with a disciplined study of the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life. Students work within a structured environment under the guidance of an instructor who personally monitors their progress and development.

The student learns how to learn, be patient, disciplined, and objectively self-critical to transform every small obstacle or challenge into a rewarding lesson. As students engage in the program their skills develop, and talent emerges along with personal content and expression.

As each study is the foundation for the next and the inherent principles taught overlap, students can therefore take each part of the program with confidence that their progress from one will continue into the next. In this way, the student's development is clear and progressive. The program is not a short cut; there are simply no short cuts.

Work progresses at the student’s own pace. In the drawing program, the student copies drawings, draws antique casts, and live models until sufficient skill is developed. Then the cycle for the painting program begins.
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